Thank you so much! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy my lessons with Maud. She is a wonderful and patient teacher. She has provided me with lots of supplemental material outside of class. I appreciate all the time and effort! Suzanne M.

So far so good! I really enjoy her teaching approach and I am learning something new on each French lesson... so mission accomplished Katerina - JP Morgan

Jean-Claude is a fantastic teacher and I’ve really enjoyed my French lessons with him! Would recommend him. Altera Lingua is a great language training center! Charlotte (Permanent Mission of New-Zealand - Geneva)

I have really enjoyed the French classes this far, especially with Maud teaching. So, thank you for everything thus far. Kahill S.

I wanted to tell you how much everyone is enjoying the classes with you. I was just telling my boss what a success it is and what we have learnt so far... Thank you very much - you are a great teacher Kylie T. (UK Mission)

See attached the results of my language exam in French. Turns out I passed! Huge thanks to you for getting me over the line! Champagne on me this Friday! Lucy F. (UK Mission-Geneva)

I have enjoyed my French class immensely at Altera Lingua with Maud and would highly recommend it to anyone so THANK YOU! Sandra H.

Today’s introductory lesson was a great success and I thank you for sending us such an accomplished teacher for my daughter in German as a foreign language. Miranda H.

My weekly French class with Françoise at Altera Lingua is a highlight of my week. The school conveniently located and a calm quiet space to learn.  The lessons give me a chance to fully immerse myself in French once a week which although sometimes very challenging it is always enjoyable.  Francoise is an excellent teacher, she is energetic, well prepared and manages to push us gently each week to learn a bit more. Always engaging, encouraging and helpful we've had a lot of fun and many laughs and of course have all improved our French language skills along the way. Eve - Nyon

Dear Sylvie, dear Françoise, Thank you so much for the wonderful time with you. I enjoyed it very much and the teaching was highly professional. For me as a businessman the flexibility of the timetable was very important and you fulfilled that perfectly. The teaching was quite intensive but very productive and effective. The small talks at the beginnings of the lessons were very helpful for increasing my vocabulary and practicing speaking. Thank you, Vladimir Mertin - Mertin Consulting-Geneva

During the 4 years I lived in Geneva, I took weekly French lessons with Françoise at Altera Lingua. Her energy and enthusiasm while teaching were exceptional. Her patience and dedication to ensure I fully understood each and every concept and the fun we had over the four years will remain with me always as one of my happiest experiences of living in Geneva. Her lessons were varied, topical, relevant and extremely useful for every day living here. I can go back to the UK with a confident and strong knowledge of French and great memories of an extremely talented teacher. Thank you Françoise Pandora - Commugny

I would highly recommend taking lessons with Altera Lingua, as it really helped me with my French speaking. I have tried other different French speaking companies and I personally feel I excelled more, with Altera Lingua than the other companies I had tried before. The teacher was called Françoise that took our group lesson and she was really nice. I have been in Switzerland 10 Years and have only now, just got a good foundation in French thanks to Françoise. Good luck with the French! Stephen - Founex

The quality of teachers at Altera Lingua is without any doubt excellent and our employees benefit greatly from their lessons. The fact that the teachers are providing lessons in-house, within our bank, is a definite asset, much appreciated in a professional environment where schedules are always tight. Sophie Cuvelliez, Bank Heritage